September 22, 2011

You Know You're A Parent When ...

You spent two hours online hunting for old (not even that old! 2003 and 2007!) My Little Ponies, so your kids' toys can have the right names, instead of something made-up (even though the made-up name would be so much more imaginative - Butterscotch and Star Flower, really? That's the best they could do?).

You tell your children at 9:00 that they have to start getting ready for the chiropractor appointment at 4:30. And even so, you run late.

Apple crisp is perfectly legitimate for breakfast, thankyouverymuch. Apples and oats - what could be healthier?

Your kitchen sink can't be used for washing dishes because it has a sweater soaking out apple juice stains, and you can't use your bathroom sink to wash hands because it's full of wet underwear you haven't had time to wash yet.

"Good enough" becomes your mantra regarding family pictures.

This was our sixth or seventh take

You reheat your morning coffee five times, and finally give up and drink it cold (if you call it "iced," you can feel much better about this).

You step over Lego blocks so many times you stop seeing them, only remembering they are on the floor when an unsuspecting guest discovers one with her bare feet.

Your bedtime is 7:00; the kids' bedtime is 8:00.

A snuggle from your sleepy baby can make all of this fade into the background, and remind you of just how much you really do love these little monsters devils terrors darling children.


  1. You're making me wonder if stepping on a Lego block is akin to stepping on a chewed on Nylabone. If so, my poor feet should be well desensitized by the time Lil G starts playing with Legos, because Dory already leaves those lovely, heavy plastic chew bones stashes all over our house.

  2. Argh! I am not looking forward to the Lego thing! I bet you had to learn that by a lot of trial and error. And I already have to deal with J.D. and his bottle caps...