September 13, 2011

Fighting the Frump: September Style


September is one of my favorite months, when it comes to getting dressed. You get to do fun things like boots, and scarves, and sweaters, but you aren't in full-blown Winter Wear yet. Hurrah!

I really, really wanted to stay in my pajamas today, but I had promised to start this series on trying to keep some sense of style even with littles around, so I dutifully showered and got dressed, and even applied a little makeup. Clearly my self-photography skills need some work, but I think you can get the general idea here.

 I love me a skinny scarf for dressing up the most basic outfit. And these copper flats are my go-to shoe this time of year. The top is a basic Old Navy t-shirt that I altered at the shoulder seams so that it didn't hang down my front and get me in danger of being arrested for indecent exposure every time I picked up one of my kids. That's the trick with clothing, I've found - you don't necessarily have to buy the expensive stuff, but either have someone who sews alter it to fit properly, or do it yourself if you have the ability (and the time). It looks so much more polished! J'adore stripes, don't you? So very French, and very chic. I've had the skinny jeans for a while - I have to wear them with long-ish shirts, but I do love how they visually lengthen my legs. And they look awesome with flats or with boots, which is a definite plus in my book!

So this is my basic style every day (well, every day that I do get out of my pajamas): simple and neat, with a touch of flair somewhere, just to make it distinctive. As for makeup, I don't usually bother with much, but I do like to wear mascara and lipstick if I'm going out, just for a more finished look.

This copper cuff is my favorite piece of jewelry, ever. My sister is a silversmith, and I wear as much of her jewelry as I can pilfer from her stash, but there is something about copper that I love even more than silver. This cuff is one-of-a-kind; my sister picked it up for me at a jewelry show she was selling at years ago. This cuff goes with me on every trip, even if I don't think I'm going to wear it, because along with my wedding ring, it's the one piece of jewelry I would be devastated to lose if my house ever burned down. If I ever find a pair of earrings to complement it, I will be delirious with happiness.

Well, there you have it: nothing terribly fancy, just a mom trying to keep up a semblance of style. There are days when yoga pants are certainly a girl's best friend, but having kids doesn't mean we have to turn into frumps, right?


Whoops! How did this one get in here? My little ham.

Edited to add: By 5:00 today, the shoes were appropriated by the four-year-old; the scarf was long gone; and the hair was pulled back out of my face. Just to keep it real. But the cuff stayed on all day!


  1. I. LOVE. THAT. BRACELET. I covet it. Will you leave it to me in your Will?

    I am really into stripes now, too. I just bought two new shirts, and both of them are striped. It seems to be the thing for this year. I just wish I could get some stupid thing I read years ago out of my head...that chunky girls should only wear vertical stripes, never horizonal. Who the hell wears vertical stripes????

    Love it!

  2. PS: I love you for altering that shirt! It's so Louise. I wish I had your mad skills. (AND YOUR BRACELET.)

  3. Half of those mad skills belong to my sister, who managed to get our mother's sewing machine to work. It kept laughing at me as it snarled the thread, over and over and over again.

    I remember that vertical stripe thing - it was practically gospel when we were kids, but you're right - WHO wears vertical stripes? Personally, I think all stripes are slimming, especially thin ones, or ones that graduate from thick to thin.

    If I ever find a cuff similar to mine, I will let you know!