January 5, 2012

Signature scent

My grandmother had a signature scent. It was Giorgio, by Giorgio Beverly Hills. Every Christmas, she would receive a new yellow-and-white striped box of it. Every time I'm missing her really bad, I go to the Macy's perfume counter and get a sample and I'm right back in her arms.

For that reason, I love the idea of a signature scent. I'm a perfume girl--for the past few years, my go-to has been Vanillary by Lush. But normal perfumes are too harsh for poor little Lulu's sensitive skin, and so I had to stop wearing perfume after everything I tried made her break out into a rash.

But I think I might have found a compromise.

L'Occitane's Mom & Baby Water has a gentle almond smell with a light floral note, sort of like if clean laundry and vanilla sugar cookies had a baby. It's so mild that it won't cling to baby's hair and skin and stink her up, but it's got staying power to last through the day. It's alcohol free, and enriched with glycerin, which means that it won't harm sensitive skin.

I love the memories that smells evoke and I love the fact that this scent (along with Burts Bees Baby Bee!) will always evoke for me the first months of motherhood.

What's your signature scent? Are there any kid-friendly perfumes that you just adore?

(Dried spit-up doesn't count. Because nobody adores that.)


  1. What a beautiful thought. I love anything with lavender - it always makes me think of my great-grandmother. Also anything clean and natural. I have a hand lotion that is birch and bamboo, and I love it. I rarely wear any perfume at all anymore (sad result of having a friend who can't breathe around anyone with perfume on), though - I think my children's scent memories of me will probably be tea-related, since I am rarely without my mug of tea, especially in the cold months.

  2. I never wear perfume. It's one of my new year's resolutions to find one I like and stick with it (along with learning how to apply eye make up). You've inspired me - maybe I'll get something this weekend! (And btw, I love the new pic on your home page!)

  3. Louise: birch and bamboo sounds so fresh, so light.

    Shan: Eye makeup is also on my list this year. We should compare notes!