January 10, 2012


Joy tends to be pretty withdrawn, unsure of herself in new situations. So after much discussion, Carl and I decided to sign her up for skating lessons this winter. She already loves the ice, and we figured it would be a great chance for her to learn that she can, in fact, do something without a parent, grandparent, or aunt right there with her.

(Plus, you know, the earlier she starts preparing for her Olympic career the better)


I wouldn't go with her for her first day of lessons. She panics more and clings more to me, and I wanted to give her every chance to not give in to fear. So Carl took her, and I stayed home with Gracie and a knotted stomach.

She loved it. "And I wasn't even a little bit scared!" she crowed as she leaped into my arms when they got home.

"Are you excited for next time?" I asked.



This time, at least, we made the right call.

According to Carl, she was pretty much just humoring the pros by using the bucket. They quickly caught on that she didn't, in fact, need it.

Actually sitting and listening - amazing! Instead of tuning out and doing her own thing! Incredible what happens when someone-not-your-mother teaches you!

So very ready to go it alone, but still following the pro's directions. Yay Joy!


  1. I'm so proud of Joy! This is a HUGE step for her and for Mom and Dad!

  2. She's been like a different kid these last couple of days - so much happier and energized. I wish we'd done this last year, but I'm SO glad we've at least done it now!

  3. You never know if lessons of some sort will help or hurt a child. I hated being forced into piano lessons, but would probably have loved ice skating lessons.

  4. Oh how fun! Ivy has been asking for "skate shoes!"


  5. Yay Ivy! If you're unsure about starting her right off on single blades, both my girls began on double-bladed skates, and they are a great way for kids to get comfortable on the ice before moving on to single blades. I think skating, even just recreational, is a great way to learn balance and control!