October 4, 2011

Hair-Raising Tales

This weekend, Joy and I had a special mother-daughter day at the salon. We both got our hair cut, she trimmed back up to her usual stacked bob, and me with a brand-new look (Carl and Grace, btw, were whoopin' it up at Panera Bread and the pet store, celebrating the fact that Grace never, ever poops in her underwear anymore, something her year-and-a-half older sister has yet to master).

Hair is hard, as a mom. Harder even than it was before kids, when I had time and no talent for it. Now I have no time and still no talent, but the last thing I want is to end up with the dread "Mom hair." So about every six months to a year, I get a new style, just to make sure I'm not falling into a hair slump.

This time, I took in a picture of Scarlett Johansson, and told my hairdresser: "Make it so."

Now, not even my wildly talented hairdresser could make me look like ScarJo. But she did an awesome job on my hair. Don't you think?

My hair drags my face down if it gets too long, but the one pixie cut I had, even though I loved it, was not very flattering to my face. So something betwixt and between is perfect. And this one is great, because I can either scrunch some mousse in, blow-dry it, and leave it (like the above picture) for a casual everyday look, or I can straighten it, even pin it back, if I want to go more elegant. And it's long enough in the front that I can pull it back partway to keep it out of my face while cooking or playing with littles.

So, it meets all my criteria - easy to maintain, not too short but not too long, looks stylish, and totally works for my writer's image.

As for the littles - Joy's stacked bob is perfect for her pixie-ish personality and penchant for preppy style.

Grace's head is a mass of curls, and it's all I can do to keep them from a frizz-fest. I've started conditioning almost every day, and only shampooing twice a week, and that helps. Mostly, I'm looking forward to when they are long enough to pull back in a ponytail. Thank goodness, her hair is still fine enough that combing it isn't difficult. If that changes, it's back to the hairdresser with you, kid, for short hair!

Whew. Being stylish - keeping three of us neat and easy AND stylish - is a lot of work. Good thing Carl takes care of his own hair.


  1. Try Moroccan Argan oil for Gracie's curls! It saved me, as a curly girl myself. It can be pricey, but a little bottle goes a long way, as you only use the tiniest bit. I just press the bottle opening to my palm twice, rub hands together, run through damp hair, and scrunch a little. Voila! It smells good and looks good. Everyone is happy!

    BTW, I love your haircut! You are far prettier than ScarJo, and way way more intelligent. Probably a better actress, also. ;)

  2. Thanks for the tip about the hair oil! I always wanted a curly-haired mite; it never occurred to me that those curls would need a completely different hair regimen than I've ever known.

    Thanks for the compliment, also - I've always thought that if I weren't a writer, I'd like to try acting. It's fun to put on a different persona and try to convince people it is real :-) I've always gotten a kick out of playing a character, almost as much as writing them!

  3. Right now Lu's hair is straight and it's weird, but I worry that she won't inherit my curls. I have always wanted straight hair--why wouldn't I be overjoyed at the notion of my daughter having straight hair? It makes no sense. All I can say is that my curls feel like an integral part of my personality at this point and I guess a part of me wants to pass that along?

    It's weird. But the oil. It's great! I will message you the exact brand.

  4. My hairdresser told me that people's hair changes every seven years, so even if Lulu's hair comes in straight now, it might curl up by the time she's school-age. I'm curious to see where Gracie's goes - if t stays curly, if it turns wavy, like mine, or if it straightens out like her sister's.

    I just got a spray bottle so I can mix conditioner with water for Gracie's morning spritz, but the oil would be awesome.